Live Fuel Materials Testing

Live fuel materials and fuel-submersion conditioning tests

Our live fuel materials testing laboratory is ISO/IEC-17025 accredited, conducting customer designed fuel-submersion conditioning tests.

The live fuel materials laboratory evaluates mechanical properties, including tensile properties (ISO 527), flexural properties (ISO 178), charpy impact strength (ISO 179), izod impact strength, peel tests, hose pull-off tests, weld strength testing, dimension change and weight change. Live fuel materials test matrices can involve various materials, conditioning temperatures (-90 to 250 ° F), fuel blends and testing intervals.

The live fuel materials laboratory utilizes precision metrology equipment to support its program needs. Testing can also be performed following protocols including SAE J1748, SAE J1681 and many OEM procedures.

Seal Compatibility Testing of Elastomers
Intertek has over 25 years experience in performing seal compatibility testing (elastomers). The lab has performed testing in accordance with industry standards such as ASTM D471 (volume change), ASTM D2240 (hardness) and ASTM D412 (tensile strength & elongation). Intertek has a long history of conducting and joint-developing customer specified procedures.

Fuel System Testing Expertise
Intertek is a leader in the field of fuel systems testing, with years of experience working with various fuel system materials and handling and blending of a great variety of automotive fuels. Many testing fuels including alcohol blends, Brazilian blends, biodiesel, aggressive water blends, auto-oxidized blends and SAE J1681 fuel surrogates are provided for your conditioning needs.



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