Intertek New Zealand offers asbestos clearance and reoccupation certification following asbestos removal and remediation works, ensuring the safety and security of your employees.

What is asbestos clearance and reoccupation certification and why is it needed?

After the removal of asbestos under the terms of Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations 2015, the person who commissioned the removal work must ensure that a clearance inspection is carried out and a clearance certificate issued. The clearance certificate states that the area is clear of any visible asbestos. For larger and more comprehensive projects a four-stage clearance is recommended. Intertek has trained analysts who are all competent in performing four stage clearances to assist you in obtaining the required documentation.

Stage One (A preliminary check of site condition and job completeness)

Checks are performed on:

  • Contractor’s license, notification, training, equipment and other records
  • Enclosure integrity / Air extraction
  • Transit / Waste routes / Skip bin
  • Decontamination facilities

Stage Two (A thorough visual inspection)

Our trained analysts perform a thorough visual inspection to ensure:

  • Airlock / Baglock / Enclosure free from waste bags, materials and unnecessary equipment
  • ACMs are completely removed and area cleaned including airlock / baglock
  • No evidence of dust or debris remain within the enclosure

Stage Three (Clearance Air Monitoring within the area)

  • All areas are dry
  • Air movers switched off and sealed
  • No evidence of lock down sprays
  • Original floor uncovered
  • Our analysts perform air monitoring within the enclosure or removal area to ensure the area standard of <0.01 fibres/ml of air is met. The area is disturbed to simulate normal occupation.

Stage Four (Assessment of site for reoccupation, after enclosure is removed)

  • Enclosure and surrounding areas are free from equipment waste and debris
  • Transit / waste routes are free from equipment waste and debris
  • All ACMs in scope are removed and any remaining are intact and recorded
  • If all stages are completed correctly, a certificate of reoccupation will be issued.
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