Vol. 1396 | 07 Feb 2024

In December 2023, ISO published the latest version of the care labelling standard ISO 3758: 2023. The document establishes a system of graphic symbols that are intended for use on textile articles in order to prevent the irreversible damage to the article during the aftercare process and is also referenced in some countries mandatory legal requirements for care labelling.

This is the fourth edition of the standard and replaces the third edition ISO 3758: 2012

The main changes are as follows:

  • Some exemptions have been introduced into the scope for articles that require professional cleaning techniques, like carpets and rugs as well as non-removable covers for upholstered furniture.
  • A new symbol has been introduced for wash by hand at ambient temperature that features a single bar underneath the symbol.
  • A new symbol has been introduced for ironing without steam that features a cross through the image of steam emanating from the underside of the ironing symbol.
  • New dry cleaning solvents have been introduced for both the P and the F symbols that includes the use of Decamethylpentacyclosiloxane or D5.
  • Graphical changes have been introduced in symbols of “wash by hand”, “do not wash”, “do not bleach” and “do not iron”, in order to align them to the GINETEX ones.
  • The size of the main symbols used should be identical and aligned.
  • Alternative examples for the use of symbols has been introduced in case of the use of more than one drying or professional cleaning symbol.
  • A new Annex D, “Adaptation of registered graphical symbols for use in practice”, has been added to show the differences between the GINETEX and the ISO 7000 symbols.

The revision was needed to reflect current cleansing practices and technical developments, especially with the introduction of new and alternative solvents for dry cleaning.

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