Vol. 1376 | 15 Sep 2023

The Taiwan Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) has updated the Legal Inspection Requirements for Toy. Toys shall comply with the following inspection standards and requirements:

  • CNS 4797 (2019)
  • CNS 4797-1 (2014)
  • CNS 4797-2 (2022)
  • CNS 4797-3 (2015)
  • CNS 4797-4 (1996)
  • CNS 4797-5 (1996)
  • CNS 14276 (2020): section 5 (excluding 5.7.6), section 7, section 8, section 9 (excluding section 9.8 and 9.10), section 10.2, section 12, section 13 (excluding section 13.8), section 14, section 15.1, section 15.2, section 16 to 18
  • CNS 4797-6 (2020): section 4.3, table 1, table 2C and table 2D (Bisphenol A)
  • CNS 4797-9 (2020)
  • CNS 4797-11 (2021): section 4.4, section 4.5.1 and section 4.7
  • ISO 8124-1 (2022) section 4.19, section 5.24.6, section 5.24.7, section 5.36, Annex B.2.24, Annex B.3.10, Annex E.33 for flying toys

There are two inspection methods, namely “Declaration of Conformity” and “Monitoring Inspection Scheme or Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme (Module II + Module III)”. Different kinds of toys are applicable for different inspection methods. For details, see Appendix 1 below.

The updated requirements shall be effective on 1 October 2023. Toys shall be inspected according to the new requirements from 1 March 2024. Certification that shows the compliance of the previous requirements shall be valid until 29 February 2024.

New RPC applicants shall apply for certification according to the revised requirements. Certificates issued in compliance with current RPC requirements shall be valid for three years starting from the issuing date.

If the toys are covered in art crafted toys, electrical ride-on toys, remote control toys, certificate holders shall apply for renewal to preserve the validity of the certificates before 29 February 2024, provided that test reports are submitted to show compliance with the revised requirements.

Appendix 1 – Classification of Toys under different Inspection Methods

Declaration of conformity applies to the following toys under 14 years:

Cognition toys, toy games for whole family, entertainment toy (tattoo stickers, toy stickers, game /collection cards), learning toys (fabric book, toys that can promote vision sense/ tactility/ intelligence or agility of fingers), pre-school toys, intelligence toys (puzzle, dominos game, toy books primarily designed for cutting and assembling), art craft toys (pattern paper card, paper art craft), stationery toys, toys with other function, stuffed toys and construction toys.

Monitoring Inspection Scheme or Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme (Module II + Module III) applies to the following toys under 14 years:

Accessory toys of cribs or playpens, aquatic toys, ride-on or push toys, musical toys, inflatable toys, scenario toys, simulate toys, toys which children can enter, large-scale assembled facilities for playground, toy weapons, transportation toys, remote/ voice control toys, electronic toys, traditional folklore toys, food toys, cosplay toys, sporting goods toys, throwing toys, sport toys, non-stuffed toys, construction toys (magnetic assembly blocks), entertainment toys (ball pools, push-and-pull toys, rocking horses, bubble-blowing kits, kaleidoscopes, kites, prankish toys), pre-school toys (drawing set), intelligence toys (rubiks’s cubes, construction toys, assembling toys, toy made of magnetic substances), art craft toys (clay, sand painting, non-paper art craft), stationery toys (magnetic toys), scientific and technological educational toys.

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