Vol. 1331 | 28 Nov 2022

The UK Government has announced that the CE Mark can be used until Dec 31, 2024, extending the mark by an additional two years. This extension is due to economic conditions created by post-pandemic shifts in demand and supply, and the war in Ukraine.

During this period, businesses can use the UKCA Marking or CE Mark for products requiring safety assessments.

The UK Government also allows businesses to affix the UKCA Marking with importer’s information for products from European Economic Area (EEA) countries on accompanying documents or labels until Dec 31, 2027. Safety assessments conducted before Dec 31, 2024, can be used by manufacturers before Dec 31, 2027.

Intertek has advisory, testing, and CE certification services to guide customers through the CE Marking process, with five EU-based Notified Bodies in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, and Sweden.

For questions, please contact Carl Tso (carl.tso@intertek.com, +852 37606364).


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