Vol. 887 | 15 Jan 2016


On December 31, 2015, the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) published an announcement as a reminder that new toy standards became effective on January 1, 2016. Toys manufactured or imported before January 1, 2016, are allowed to be sold in China market until June 30, 2017, provided that they are in compliance with GB 6675-2003.

Below are the new toy standards that went into effect January 1, 2016:

GB 6675.1-2014 Toys Safety – Part 1: Basic code
GB 6675.2-2014 Safety of toys – Part 2: Mechanical and physical properties
GB 6675.3-2014 Safety of toys – Part 3: Flammability
GB 6675.4-2014 Safety of toys – Part 4: Migration of certain elements
GB 6675.11-2014 Safety of toys – Part 11: Swings, slides and similar activity toys for indoor and outdoor family domestic use
GB 6675.12-2014 Safety of toys – Part 12: Toy Scooter
GB 6675.13-2014 Safety of toys – Part 13: Chemical toys (sets) other than experimental sets
GB 6675.14-2014 Safety of toys – Part 14: Requirements and test methods of finger paints

GB 30585-2014, Safety Technical Specification for Children’s Footwear, was published in 2014 as the second mandatory safety standard for footwear intended to be worn by children 14 years of age and under or in the size of 250 mm and smaller in China. It also took effect on January 1, 2016.


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