China lubricant testing and oil condition monitoring.

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Intertek's China oil condition monitoring (OCM) and lubricant testing laboratory provides important test data to clients, helping protect expensive machinery, engines, and other components from expensive mechanical failures, downtime, and repair. Located in Shanghai, the China oil condition laboratory supports clients with testing services conforming to international and industry standards including ASTM, ISO, and others.

China lubricant and oil condition monitoring tests:

  • Viscosity, 度粘度, ASTM D445, D2279
  • Total Acid Number, 总酸值, ASTM D664
  • Base Number, 碱值, ASTM D2896, D4739
  • Water content, 水分, 卡尔费休滴定,  ASTM D6304
  • Flash Point, 闪点, 闪/不闪, ASTM D3828
  • Elements (additive elements), 元素, 添加剂元素, ASTM D4951
  • Element (including 21 elements), 元素, 添括21种元素, ASTM D5185
  • Carbon Residue, 微量残炭, ASTM D4530
  • Ash, 灰分, ASTM D482, D874
  • Color, 颜色, ASTM D1500
  • Copper Corrosion, 铜片腐蚀, ASTM D130
  • Density, 度密度, ASTM D4052
  • Distillation, 常压馏程, ASTM D86
  • Electrical Conductivity, 电导率, ASTM D2624
  • FTIR, soot,oxidation, nitration, 红外, ASTM E2412
  • Pentane and Toluene insolubles, 戊烷不溶物, 甲苯不溶物, ASTM D893-A
  • Coagulated pentane insolubles, 加凝聚剂戊烷不溶物, ASTM D893 B
  • PQ index, 磨损指数, Ferrography PQ-index
  • Saponification number, 皂化值, ASTM D94
  • Fire Point, 燃点, ASTM D92
  • Boiling point, 沸点, ASTM D1120
  • Foaming, 抗泡, 三阶段, ASTM D 892
  • Fuel dilution, gasoline, 汽油稀释, ASTM D3525
  • Fuel dilution, diesel, 柴油稀释, ASTM D3524
  • Ethylene Glycol in used Engine oil, 在用油中的乙二醇含量, ASTM D4291
  • Nitrogen, 氮含量, ASTM D5762
  • Particulate Contamination, 颗粒污染物, 新版, ISO 4406-1999, NAS1638/ISO 4406-1987
  • Pour Point, 倾点, ASTM D97
  • Sulfur, XRF, 硫含量, ASTM D4294
  • Sulfur, Ultraviolet Fluorescence, 硫含量, ASTM D5453
  • Rust Preventing Test, 防锈试验, ASTM D665
  • RPVOT, 旋转氧弹, ASTM D2272 B
  • Water Separability, Demulsification, 水分离性, ASTM D1401
  • Drop point for Grease, 润滑脂滴点, ASTM D566
  • Penetration for Grease, 润滑脂锥入度, ASTM D217
  • Lubricant and Oil Condition Monitoring Tests in Chinese:   在用油监控测试 (OCM)
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