14 Jun 2023

Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is proud to bring back the Intertek Moody brand today, harnessing its global, industry-leading recognition and honouring Intertek’s founding Pioneers by remembering the powerful engineering-based legacy that Moody represents.

As companies plan a significant step-up in their investments inside the World of Energy, reflecting the increase in global energy demand, elevated concerns around energy security and the need to bring renewables to scale, this is resulting in increasingly complex operational and supply chain risks. In light of this heightened complexity, Moody’s proven engineering-based inspection capability brings complete peace of mind, helping to mitigate these risks, meaning that corporations are able to benefit from our cutting-edge quality, safety and sustainability solutions in place, 24/7.

Intertek Moody delivers in-depth expertise and local knowledge on a global scale. Our business is built on providing assurance, reducing risks through pioneering innovations such as RiskAware, guaranteeing an analytical approach to risk-based and QA/QC inspection data, and ensuring first-class integrated services such as inspection, expediting, technical resource solutions, and project management assistance.

The Moody heritage provides a foundation of experience and technical expertise that is perfectly aligned with the needs of our global customers as they overcome challenges and seize growth opportunities within the quickly evolving and fast-paced energy and infrastructure industries. Inspired by our more than 100-year history, the Intertek Moody brand not only reaffirms our customer-centric commitment but also represents the industry-leading technical assurance that our global customers value.

Established in 1911 in New York USA, Moody Engineering Co. initially focused on electrical engineering and construction. The company quickly moved into the oil and gas industry during the 1920s offering inspection and technical services. Following the opening of its first international office in 1948, the group grew substantially with offices in more than 60 countries and operations in more than 100. Today Intertek Moody has an unrivalled reputation for helping power the largest, most complex energy and infrastructure projects around the World.

Multi-faceted projects that utilize international supply chains and span multiple industries and territories require engineering-based technical assurance at the core of project planning. Intertek Moody is a strategic partner with global expertise that helps reduce risks, increase quality, optimize efficiency, and improve safety.

We have established a reputation of being where our customers need us. Offering a complete set of bespoke technical services solutions, we are our customers’ eyes and ears, detecting problems earlier in the supply process. Every day our field personnel are supported by the strength of our state-of-the-art technical infrastructure, quality procedures, internal training and millions of hours of experience.

Whether we are inspecting pipes at a mill, safeguarding the on-time delivery of critical equipment assets to a construction site, or analyzing millions of datapoints to help our customers focus on the higher impact quality and safety risks in their supply chains, our rich legacy of anticipating, understanding and meeting the evolving needs of our global customers ensures we offer the consistent and proactive engineering-based technical assurance solutions they value.

Bertrand Mallet, Executive Vice President, Intertek Industry Services said, “We are proud of our heritage. Bringing back the Moody brand reinforces the strength and stability forged by the storied Moody legacy that still drives our global expertise, pioneering industry innovations and local presence today. As our customers accelerate their investments in the World of Energy and the operational risks within their supply chains are heightened, our unique Science-based Customer Excellence TQA advantage, end-to-end ATIC solutions and the unrivalled heritage of Moody brings complete peace of mind. Our past propels us into the future, and we are excited about what is to come.”

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