15 Mar 2022

Managing efficiently the critical suppliers of the health and beauty industry through flexible audit solutions

Dardilly, France: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is celebrating 15 years of delivering flexible third-party auditing solutions for the global healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics sectors.

The management of suppliers and subcontractors is a critical part of quality management systems. The control and the evaluation of suppliers or subcontractors through robust auditing programmes is key to confirming that a supplier has an acceptable level of compliance against industry standards.

Since its launch 15 years ago, the auditing team has provided audits for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and medical device industries. The team introduced an innovative online audit platform in 2009 which allows secure and confidential access to a real-time view of scheduled supplier audits (shared or individual), enabling optimisation of global audit programmes.

With continual innovation over the years, the team have built a flexible set of audit solutions that help clients meet the evolving challenges of driving quality and visibility across supply chains. Innovations include internal audit support, existing audit reports purchase, CAPA evaluation and follow-up support. Over the last 20 months, Intertek’s remote auditing solution was enhanced and became an alternative to in-person audits which became more difficult due to the challenges caused by COVID-19. Since the launch of this team, a multitude of clients around the globe have trusted Intertek to schedule and deliver thousands of audits and approved audit reports.

Ross McCluskey, EVP Europe & Central Asia, said: “With over 1600 global clients who put their trust in us, we are delighted to celebrate 15 years of delivering auditing excellence. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our journey, and we look forward to continuing to work with our clients and providing them with our world class auditing capabilities in the future.”

Soria Catherine, Head of Audits Activity said: “Across our 15 years of auditing experience, we have continually innovated to provide a flexible set of cost-effective and responsive auditing solutions for the global pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Our team of experienced auditors has in-depth technical knowledge of industry quality best practices and the organisational competence to help clients drive quality across these complex healthcare product supply chains.”

The Intertek auditing team for the healthcare industries conducts audits all around the world and serves the global pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer healthcare, and cosmetics industries.

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