25 Oct 2021

Liphook, Hampshire, UK: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is pleased to announce it has been appointed by Irish Water to deliver a Strategic Modelling Study of Cork Harbour, in partnership with Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd.

The study will develop a strategic numerical hydrodynamic and water quality model which can be used to assess and quantify potential impacts of Irish Water’s activities on the receiving waters in Cork Harbour. Irish Water will then use this information to advise the necessary infrastructural improvements - delivering sustainable long-term environmental requirements in line with European legislation with minimum Total Expenditure.

Intertek are industry leaders in delivering such studies and offer unrivalled experience of similar strategic environmental impact assessments to the UK water industry. In partnership with Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd are one of Irish Water’s leading engineering support partners, we are supporting Irish Water on numerous water quality modelling studies to help inform Irish Water’s asset investment decisions.

The first phase of the Cork Harbour study will deliver a data review and gap analysis in order to develop a survey programme to collect any additional data required to inform the study.

In the second phase of the study, Intertek and Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd will develop a 3D hydrodynamic and water quality model of Cork Harbour, which will be used to undertake a series of impact assessments of both the current baseline situation and future scenarios. The project will include a trophic status assessment to understand and mitigate the risk of eutrophication, as well microbiological impact assessments at the designated shellfish and bathing waters within Cork Harbour using Intertek’s industry-leading and well-proven STORM-IMPACT compliance assessment tool.

Paul Taylor, Modelling Lead for Intertek Energy & Water, said “Intertek is delighted to build on our existing relationship with both Nicholas O’Dwyer Ltd and Irish Water and utilise our expertise and experience to continue to deliver on their water quality modelling requirements.

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