28 Jan 2021

Santa Clara, California, USA - Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces the launch of WindAwareTM, a data intelligence solution that helps wind asset owners and operators make informed and real-time decisions to optimize performance and maximize asset life cycle.

The myriad of variables of wind turbine operation, component complexity, asset life cycle stages of warranty periods and repowering can present a unique challenge for owners and operators of wind assets alike. Due to the unique complexities of different wind assets as well as the continual demands of a turbine, high failure rates are a common occurrence that can be costly and time-consuming, especially as assets reach the end of service contracts. An average of 20% capacity loss can be observed by the end of asset life, resulting in loss of revenue. Importantly, the costs associated with unplanned outages resulting from unexpected repairs and component failures can reach into the millions of dollars.

Intertek WindAware is an actionable data mining SaaS platform that offers advanced asset management solutions to mitigate risks and costs associated with wind turbine integrity. The platform’s outputs empower wind farm owners and operators with validated and easily accessible business insights needed to meet sustainability and financial goals. By tracking, trending and reporting inspection and repair information, WindAware provides vital information needed for future operation and maintenance decisions that ultimately help prevent unplanned outages and maximize asset utilization.

Nikhil Kumar, Intertek Managing Director, Power Generation, said “Efficiency and reliability over the life-cycle of wind assets is critical for our clients. Intertek’s Aware platform has supported the power industry for over three decades to manage asset & reliability data. With WindAware, we are building on this extensive integrity management experience, with advanced analytics and decision intelligence modules to minimize our client’s investment risks through the development, early commissioning, end of warranty, and ongoing operation and maintenance of their wind portfolio.”

Learn more about how Intertek WindAware is helping wind farm owners and operators optimize wind asset performance. www.intertek.com/windaware

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