12 Aug 2020

New program creates consumer confidence and product safety for air cleaning manufacturer

Kentwood, Mich. – Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, announces the first certification under its Zero Ozone Verification program, granted to RGF Environmental Group for their HALO-LED™ air purification system. The certification illustrates that the HALO-LED™ system complies with Intertek’s stringent indoor air quality requirements for ozone emissions in North America.

Intertek Sustainability’s Zero Ozone Verification program reaches beyond enforced limits to ensure that an air cleaner’s ozone emission is below federal requirements in the United States, including those from the Food and Drug Administration, the California Air Resources Board, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Zero Ozone certification demonstrates a product meets emission concentrations of 0.005 parts per million (PPM) or less and illustrate a brand’s commitment to safety and corporate responsibility—boosting consumer confidence in a highly technical market. RGF’s HALO-LED™ is the industry’s first in-duct LED whole-home air purification system which is both mercury-free and Zero Ozone certified. It is being certified following extensive testing by Intertek’s experts in the air purification and HVAC industry.

Brian Kneibel, Sustainability Certification Manager at Intertek: “Product transparency and safety have never been more important to consumers than now. We’re proud to be offering this program at the height of consumer demand for indoor air quality safety. The goal of our program is to eliminate consumer confusion around ozone emission—while providing the assurance of product safety from a trusted third-party. Congratulations to RGF Environmental Group for passing our stringent requirements and receiving the first Zero Ozone Verification mark; their hard work and dedication to sustainability is commendable.”

Walter Ellis, Executive Vice President of RGF Environmental Group, said: "Because advanced oxidation LED technologies are critical for the evolvement of indoor air quality products, it is a major achievement to have Intertek certify the HALO-LED™. Consumers will see the Intertek Sustainability certification mark and feel confident our product has met the relevant safety standards and will perform as promised.”

Zero Ozone Verification is one of many sustainability programs under Intertek’s ever-expanding Sustainability business line. The Intertek Sustainability team works daily with experts, chemists, industry insiders, regulatory committees, and clients to address the growing expectations of consumers, as well as requests for industry transparencies. In a world that has an increasing demand for products and companies to “do better” and “do right,” Intertek Sustainability is here to help make that happen.

For more information on Zero Ozone Verification and additional sustainability certification services from Intertek, visit intertek.com/sustainability/certification/

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