02 Jun 2020

Liphook, Hampshire, UK: Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has been appointed by innogy to undertake physical process modelling on the Dublin Array Offshore Wind Farm project, a major offshore development project.

The Dublin Array Offshore Wind Farm site is located approximately 10 km off the east coast of Dublin and has a proposed electrical generating capacity of up to 1 GW and will be located within an area of 54 km2 in water depths ranging from two to 30 m. The area surrounding the site is highly designated, with several Special Protection Areas and Special Areas of Conservation within the vicinity of the proposed array field and export cable route corridor.

Intertek was commissioned not only based on our expertise in modelling marine and coastal environments, particularly in Ireland and the UK, but also as a result of experience in undertaking similar modelling studies in the offshore wind industry as well as the marine renewables, ports and harbours, oil and gas, and water sectors. The modelling results provided by Intertek and supported by Cooper Marine Advisors will feed directly into the Environmental Impact Assessment required to secure permits for the project approval.

Intertek is modelling the Realistic Worst-Case Scenario -- the design configuration that presents the most significant impact on the environment -- in line with industry best practice, first developed by Frank Beiboer (Intertek) and Bill Cooper (Cooper Marine Advisors). This will allow the baseline environmental conditions to be determined, against which the effects of the development on the physical (metocean and sedimentological) environment can be assessed.

Paul Taylor, Intertek Energy & Water’s Numerical Modelling Lead, said: “We are delighted to be supporting innogy on this exciting project. Offshore wind is an important part of our sustainable energy future, and the Dublin Array Offshore Wind Farm, if approved, will be a key part of Ireland’s ongoing energy transition towards greater renewable-sourced and locally-generated electricity.” innogy’s project manager, Gillian Moore, comments: “It is a pleasure to work with the Intertek team, who bring a range of technical abilities that include extensive experience in numerical modelling and assessment for offshore wind farm development and knowledge of the marine environment to the project.”

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