Intertek's DeepView³ᴰ ™ Solution Sets the New Standard for Condition-Based Assessment

January 24, 2019

Houston, Texas – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, launches an innovative inspection methodology that helps customers establish condition-based maintenance programs that provide in-situ and on-deck condition and integrity assessments of critical equipment items while offering substantial cost savings through extended inspection and maintenance intervals.

In the complex world of offshore oil and gas production, operators are continually striving to improve production levels, reliability and safety as well as to drive down operating costs. While trying to achieve these objectives, companies face many challenges such as ageing and increasingly complex equipment that requires monitoring, detailed inspection and maintenance data to meet industry regulations, and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements.  

Intertek DeepView3D sets the new standard for condition-based assessment by integrating innovative and cutting-edge technology with enhanced inspection services to deliver precise and comprehensive results.  Our new inspection methodology combines 3D laser scanning and precise metrology data with advanced non-destructive testing results that are then combined in 3D space to visualize an accurate representation of current equipment condition and the mechanical integrity of critical assets.  

In addition to condition and integrity assessment of critical equipment items, the DeepView3D process also benefits OEMs, drilling contractors and operators by providing a consistent methodology for equipment inspection and dimensional control, time and cost savings related to onshore tear-down and condition assessments, and baseline digital data related to the dimensions and integrity of equipment that can then be compared with future assessments.  Many of our customers recognize DeepView3D as part of a “digital twin” solution or CBM (Condition-Based Maintenance) program where, over time, they can transition from time-based maintenance to a condition-based maintenance program. This transition could generate substantial cost savings as a result of extended inspection and maintenance intervals while maintaining the highest standards of equipment safety and integrity. 

Steve Anderson, Global Asset Integrity Management Director at Intertek said: “Our professionals are helping companies ensure equipment safety and reliability by applying systemic TQA solutions, in-depth expertise specific to offshore operations, equipment inspections and integrity, environmental considerations, and a comprehensive level of engineering skills.  The DeepView3D solution is testament to our innovative spirit and continued commitment to new ideas and advanced technology for the oil and gas industry.”   

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