14 Nov 2018

(Lowell - USA) Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has launched a third-party brand audit solution to effectively manage a company’s reputation by providing a 360° view of the organisations’ sites, ranging from e-reputation to health and safety. The service will enable companies to manage their presence in the marketplace while making informed decisions, which will ultimately help safeguard their global brand reputation.

Brand reputation is one of the most important assets a company has, thus it is imperative that franchisers ensure that their franchisees are respecting global guidelines and optimising the consumer experience. Intertek’s 360° Brand Assurance solution focuses on the two pillars of brand reputation: consumer satisfaction and health and safety risk management.

David Muil, Global Vice-President of Business Development for Intertek’s Business Assurance group commented “One of the biggest challenges global establishments are facing today is the lack of effective tools to provide them with visibility into the risks associated with their brand. As the hospitality industry is highly competitive and with the speed of social media, reputation has become a key differentiator. However, there were no complete solutions available in the market to effectively monitor and control brand awareness. Our 360° Brand Assurance provides an overall vision of a company’s reputation by providing insights into the consumer purchasing cycle. Also, we provide global, regional and local trends, that a company can use to their advantage which can be tailored accordingly. Our service helps our clients stay ahead of the competition by providing key actionable data to actively monitor critical improvement areas, creating a customised corrective action plan and benchmarking sites against their global database”.

Intertek’s 360° Brand Assurance solution is suitable for all industries including food establishments such as bakeries, restaurants, hotels, catering, fast food chains, coffee shops, e-commerce, and retail and luxury stores. By partnering with Intertek, your establishments will benefit from our global network with experts using unique principles to evaluate sites on a global scale with a standard comparison benchmark. Intertek provides the right set of tools and inspections, to provide total quality assurance to all its customers.

For further information about our service, visit: https://www.intertek.com/food/360-brand-assurance or view our webinar: https://www.intertek.com/food/webinar-series/360-brand-assurance.

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