10 Apr 2018

Houston, TX - Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, will be discussing the microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) in subsea pipelines and the evaluation of corrosion inhibitor functionality during the annual NACE Corrosion event, taking place April 15-19 in Phoenix, Arizona.   
John Kilbane, Intertek Program Manager, Petroleum Microbiology, will present on the MIC sampling and testing challenges encountered during analysis of subsea pipeline pigging returns. Pigging equipment returns are often the only source of samples and data regarding the status of internal corrosion in pipelines: this is particularly true for subsea pipelines. Consequently, employing the most effective methods to obtain representative samples from pig returns and the best method to quantify corrosion-associated microbes in these samples is of the utmost importance. Case study data will be discussed to illustrate recommended sampling procedures along with the relative merits of microbial growth, biochemical, and genetic tests to quantify corrosion-associated microbes.  
Also presenting at the conference is Dr. Rachel Barson, Intertek Principal Engineer, who will discuss the evaluation of corrosion inhibitor functionality on the mitigation of preferential weld corrosion. A pipeline weld is recognized as a susceptible point where corrosion can occur.  The weld can have a significantly different metallurgical structure and composition than the parent pipe.  It is vital that this area does not suffer accelerated corrosion due to the galvanic difference, which can be a consequence of the welding process.  Using our advanced electrochemical techniques and ability to simulate internal pipeline environments, Intertek can ascertain and mitigate corrosion mechanisms and thus guarantee the integrity and longevity of a pipeline.
Graeme Dicken, Intertek Director of Testing Services, Production & Integrity Assurance, stated: “Intertek’s extensive experience and corrosion solution expertise across a wide range of industry sectors delivers Total Quality Assurance to our customers. Being at the forefront of technology, innovation, education and knowledge-sharing is vital for the prevention and mitigation of corrosion around the world, and the NACE corrosion conference provides the perfect platform for collaboration with fellow industry leaders.  Intertek’s participation means we can share our trusted global Total Quality Assurance expertise to ensure the safe and reliable operation of our customers’ assets.”

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