01 Mar 2018

(Lowell - USA) Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, has launched a food hygiene control solution specifically for the hospitality and food services industry, with a food hygiene mark to provide customer confidence that a site is committed to food safety and quality assurance.

One of the biggest challenges faced by organisations in the hospitality and food services industry is the lack of comparable audit results across multiple countries with real-time access to the reports and benchmarks, supporting consumer confidence in their food. The recently launched Intertek Food Hygiene Control Programme is a global solution and supportive platform focusing on four dimensions: Properties, Products, Processes and People. The programme ensures that Properties have correct hygiene inspections, cleaning and disinfecting processes in place, and that the Products including food and water are sampled and tested to ensure that best practices are used for all Processes, and that People are effectively trained, to support a food safety culture.

Calin Moldovean, President for Intertek’s Business Assurance & Food Services commented “The food hygiene programme is supported through an online platform which will allow Intertek auditors to upload their audit reports in real-time, wherever the audit has taken place. Each report will be easily accessible and linked by a mobile solution, enabling clients with multiple sites to track food hygiene and make comparisons by site. To ensure global consistency, our auditor training is also conducted though a mixture of E-learnings and local technical mentoring, providing uniformity in results. Following the successful completion of the audit, a client’s site will be eligible to be awarded with the hygiene control mark created by Intertek, providing visible evidence to consumers of each site’s commitment to food safety and minimizing risk”.

Intertek’s hospitality solution is suitable for food operations in the hospitality and retail sectors, including hotels, restaurants and catering, fast food chains, food retail stores, convenience stores, cruise lines and airlines. By partnering with Intertek, customers within this sector will gain from a wealth of benefits including promoting food safety and quality, pro-actively improving processes which will save them valuable time and resources, and having a recognisable logo that will reassure, their customers and add to their brand's reputation.

For further information about the programme visit www.intertek.com/food/hygiene-control-programme/.

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