Intertek UK expands its grease testing capabilities

February 02, 2017

Intertek, a Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, is now offering a revitalized grease testing capability from its Farnborough UK site.

Intertek UK’s grease testing capability is the focal point for global grease testing activities within Intertek and assists customers both internally and externally from around the world.

The Farnborough site will now offer over 40 different grease testing methods looking at various different properties such as consistency, anti-wear, extreme pressure load carrying capacity and corrosion prevention. The lab will also assist with physical testing, chemical analysis and fault finding, for example by examining specimens of suspect grease for debris present.

Intertek Farnborough’s grease testing laboratory can also conduct Re-life testing for aviation greases, extending the usable working life of these greases and helping to reduce customer costs whilst also supporting the environment.

The new capabilities introduced to Intertek Farnborough will add to the wide range of testing options already offered by the Oils and Lubricants laboratory and enable the lab to offer customers a wider range of services.

Intertek Farnborough operates a dedicated grease testing laboratory with a wide range of testing equipment specialising in Grease Compatibility, Performance testing, Failure analysis and also Off-Line Condition Monitoring (OCM) testing of grease.

“We are now a one-stop-shop for many customers for both lubricants and greases, making it far easier and more efficient and convenient to solve customers’ problems under one roof,” said Rob Belcher, Lubrication Engineer at Intertek UK.

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