21 Oct 2015

Bilbao, Spain – Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, has recently certified Grupo Sepulvedana according to the ISO 39001:2012 standard, which outlines the requirements for a Road Traffic Safety management system.

The ISO 39001 standard responds to the request of the authorities, organisations and private corporations to establish a road safety management system which allows entities such as La Sepulvedana,  that works with road systems, to prevent traffic accidents.

Grupo Sepulvedana has been the first company certified in Spain and Colombia by Intertek, an independent certification body accredited by the Italian accreditation body ACCREDIA, to certify according to the ISO 39001 standard.

Rafael Fernández de la Peña, General Director of Grupo Sepulvedana, has highlighted that “the primary objective for an organization such as Grupo Sepulvedana, whose activity has a direct impact on the road system, is to invest in a strict control of the safety internal management through the development of apporpiate policies and the design of specific performance procedures, allowing us to reduce the accident rate. Therefore, this certification obtained from accredited experts means for Grupo Sepulvedana the guarantee that we are in the right path to comply with our commitment of continuous improvement, especially in a so sensitive area, such as the road safety.”

Alessandro Ferracino, Intertek Spain Business Assurance General Manager, has stated: “We are pleased to provide the ISO 39001 certification for Road Traffic Safety Management System to Grupo Sepulvedana, which demonstrates its commitment for the improvement of its road safety. The ISO 39001:2012 standard supports large corporations as well as SME companies to identify and manage the road safety-related risks as well as to implement the action plans within their operations with the aim of minimizing the traffic accidents and improving the employee’s conditions in terms of security”.

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Ángel Monteagudo
Business Assurance Technical manager– Intertek Spain
Email: angel.monteagudo@intertek.com

Iker Albestain
Marketing and Communications Manager – Intertek Spain
Email: Iker.albestain@intertek.com

About Grupo Sepulvedana
Grupo Sepulvedana is formed by a group of companies dedicated to the regular passengers transport, with a huge presence in the national and international territory, bringing together a vehicle fleet of more than 600 buses and more than 1,000 employees. Grupo Sepulvedana is committed to the sustainable development and the joint effort with the aim of developing high quality services. Visit www.lasepulvedana.es

About Intertek
Intertek is a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide. From auditing and inspection, to testing, training, advisory, quality assurance and certification, Intertek adds value for its customers by helping improve the quality and safety of their products, assets and processes. With a network of more than 1,000 laboratories and offices and over 38,000 people in more than 100 countries, Intertek supports companies’ success in the global marketplace, by helping customers to meet end users’ expectations for safety, sustainability, performance, integrity and desirability in virtually any market worldwide. Visit www.intertek.com