06 Aug 2015

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, will be discussing a five-step process for optimizing the value of non-destructive re-examination (NDE) for piping systems’ girth welds at the AEP BRO (American Electric Power Boiler Reliability Optimization) Forum 2015 in Columbus, Ohio on August 10-13.
At this year’s conference Marvin Cohn, Intertek Director of Piping Asset Integrity Management, will present on the “Optimization of NDE Re-examination Locations for Grade 91 Piping System Girth Welds” at the Greater Columbus Convention Center on Tuesday, August 11.
He will discuss a five-step process that can be effectively used to define and categorize the scope of NDE in a girth weld integrity management program. NDE is used to help assure safety and reliability through detection of any flaws or defects in products or industrial components such as pipelines and piping systems, without impairing the integrity or function of the inspected item.
Marvin said: “Intertek can reduce inspection costs for our clients by recommending fewer test locations for non-destructive re-examinations and recommending longer intervals between inspections for welds with long remaining lifespans.”
Marvin is a fellow of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and an active participant at ASME conferences where he has presented more than 50 technical papers, and developed and chaired technical sessions. He holds professional engineering licences in 10 US states including California, Texas and Washington State.
The AEP BRO Forum is an annual event that brings together AEP employees, utility company guests and top industry suppliers to network and learn about boiler reliability optimization initiatives, with an emphasis on technology and processes.
Intertek’s Asset Integrity Management specialists serve a wide range industry sectors providing both analytical and technical consulting services. We help customers effectively manage corporate assets in order to gain maximum value, profitability and returns while safeguarding personnel, the community, and the environment.

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