28 Jul 2015

Intertek Milton Keynes is among the first test laboratories in the UK to offer portable vehicle exhaust emission testing systems enabling manufacturers to report real world driving emissions

Intertek, the leading global quality solutions provider, today announced that its Milton Keynes-based Transportation Technologies laboratory has responded swiftly to changes in European exhaust emissions legislation by launching a service to deliver accurate on-road vehicle exhaust emissions testing and analysis.

Swift to respond to recent changes in European Type Approval legislation, Intertek can now offer real world driving analysis of vehicle tailpipe emissions using its new Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS). This new equipment is vehicle mounted, thereby allowing manufacturers to report real world driving emissions on the public roads rather than in a laboratory on a wide variety of cars and light commercial vehicles.

This latest Intertek Transportation Technologies service is in response to recent changes to pan-European Type Approval legislation in ECE Regulation 83 for light duty vehicle exhaust emissions, that mandates manufacturers report exhaust emissions and fuel consumption figures from real-world driving in a variety of road and traffic conditions. This legislative change comes, in-part, as a response to public disquiet about the disparity between officially published laboratory testing data and real world figures on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

As part of the testing service, Intertek is also developing unique driver aids and route management tools to ensure we deliver the highest percentage of valid tests to our customers.

Intertek's Milton Keynes European Centre of Excellence for high end automotive powertrain testing and engineering services has also recently invested in low carbon vehicle, high performance electric machine and hybrid testing cells at its automotive test laboratory,  to enable its automotive customers to reach their goals on air quality emissions and CO2 reduction in their future vehicles.

UK Managing Director of Intertek Transportation Technologies,  Tony Braddon said : "Here at Milton Keynes our staff work so closely with the cream of Britain's automotive manufacturing industry that we can respond quickly to the specific demands imposed by legislative changes or manufacturers' future development needs. By continuing to invest in our state-of-the-art testing facilities, we can help make sure our customers' vehicles remain the best in the world."

When Intertek acquired Tickford Powertrain Test Ltd in 2013, the Milton Keynes site became part of Intertek's global Transport Technologies service with over 800 staff worldwide and facilities in the US (Detroit, Grand Rapids, San Antonio, Phoenix and Pittsfield), the UK (Milton Keynes), Germany (Kaufbeuren), Sweden (Kista), the Netherlands (Geleen), China (Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing City) and Japan (Yokohama).

For more information, visit https://www.intertek.com/automotive/miltonkeynes/

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