15 May 2015

Intertek Milton Keynes becomes European centre of excellence for high end automotive powertrain testing and engineering services

Intertek, the leading provider of quality services, announces that its Milton Keynes-based Transportation Technologies has cemented its place as a European centre of Excellence for high end automotive powertrain testing and engineering services, as it unveiled the highest-specification engine test cells available commercially in the UK.

The leading quality solutions provider has also invested in low carbon vehicle and electric machine test cells at the Milton Keynes Transportation Technologies powertrain test laboratory to create a new, industry-leading facility for high performance electric and hybrid drivetrain testing. This will enable Intertek’s automotive customers to reach their goals on air quality emissions and CO2 reduction in their future vehicles. The 1000 kW test cells and associated infrastructure are designed to be highly flexible so will be heavily used by truck, bus and off-highway industry customers too.

This combined multi-million pound investment in six of the highest-specification engine test cells available commercially in the UK, turns Intertek Milton Keynes Transportation Technologies into an industry-leading powertrain development facility.

Four of Interteks new test cells are now fully operational and the final two new powertrain test cells will be commissioned in August and will be equipped with both high speed and low speed 550 kW A/C transient dynamometers permitting engine and full driveline testing.The design of these two test cells also incorporates removable access panels, which permits cross-linking of dynamometers between cells to deliver twin axle driveline testing.

These two cells are also supported by two 150 kW, 1000 V battery simulators which can be linked to deliver 300 kW to one cell or split between two cells. This enables clients to test hybrid and EV drivelines with one or two driven axles. Finally, the new A/C generating dynos will enable the site is to become self-sufficient in electrical power requirements during testing.

UK Managing Director of Intertek Transportation Technologies Tony Braddon: “Here at Milton Keynes, our staff work in partnership with the cream of Britain’s automotive manufacturing industry to test and develop their powertrains to ensure they are the best they can be. With the investment by Intertek, we can now meet customer demand for development of new and advanced powertrains, including hybrids and electric vehicles, whilst also catering for the high-power outputs typical of the engines in luxury performance vehicles. “

Mike Hawes, Chief Executive of The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which represents the UK automotive industry, said: “I am delighted to be given the opportunity to open this state-of-the-art facility which re-affirms Intertek’s place at the forefront of automotive powertrain technology development. I’m confident the impressive specifications of the new test equipment will support Intertek as a European Centre of Excellence for hybrid and electric vehicle driveline development. Intertek’s support and investment in this facility is to be applauded and I look forward to seeing this great team of engineers excel under its ownership.”

Rob van Dorp, CEO of Intertek UK, said: “Intertek Transportation Technologies has built an exemplary reputation for offering the highest standards of expertise, working in close partnership with its clients to provide outstanding and responsive customer service. We listened to our customers, who were very specific in the technology and expertise they required for their future development needs. We have been able to invest in our facilities here in the UK to ensure that UK companies continue to invest in the UK economy rather than having to look abroad for this expertise. Our customers expect us to lead the way in automotive testing to enable them to stay ahead. By investing in state-of-the-art testing facilities, we can help make sure their vehicles remain the best in the world.”

When Intertek acquired Tickford Powertrain Test Ltd in 2013, the Milton Keynes site became part of Intertek’s global Transport Technologies service with 800 staff worldwide with facilities in the US (Detroit, San Antonio, Phoenix and Allentown), the UK (Milton Keynes), Germany (Kaufbeuren), Sweden (Kista), the Netherlands (Geleen), China (Shanghai and Guanghzou) and Japan (Yokohama).

For more information, visit www.intertek.com/automotive/miltonkeynes/

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