30 Apr 2015

Intertek strives to continue building a corporate commitment to safety.

Texas City, Texas – Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, today announced that its USA-based Asset Integrity Management (AIM) In-Service Inspection group surpassed four million work hours without a lost-time accident or injury in January 2015. In addition, on April 9, 2015, the AIM group reached the one million hour mark since the last recordable injury.  Working in high risk industries such as the energy industry, the possibilities of work-related injuries are always present.
Gerhard Abel, Intertek’s USA Director of Asset Integrity Management, said: “Safety is our job.  Everything we do revolves around assets being safe in operation, safe to people living in the vicinity and people working in those assets, safe to the environment, and our customers count on assets being safe and reliable for continued operation. Continuously performing in a safe manner ourselves to reach these goals is our first priority and non-negotiable.” 
He added: “We maintain what we have in this regard through vigilance, open communication and adherence to not only our own strict standards, but also those of our customers and external oversight organizations. It is vital that we try to maintain this safety record.”
Intertek AIM’s In-Service Inspection team of certified professionals support the refining, petrochemical, power, and oil and gas industries.  We help help clients minimize risk, increase efficiency, and maintain safe and reliable facilities.  Services include on-stream mechanical integrity programs, engineering support, non-destructive testing, maintenance and turnaround inspection support, new facility construction, and vendor surveillance.
Gerald Killian
Safety Manager, Intertek In-Service Inspection – USA
Tel: +1 409 949 9611
Email: Gerald.Killian@intertek.com
Scott Lebsack
Sales Director, Intertek Asset Integrity Management (AIM) – USA
Tel: +1 282 974 8860
Email: Scott.Lebsack@intertek.com

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