02 Feb 2015

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, will showcase water-borne crude oil and refined products cargo testing and inspection technical services during the Crude-by-Water North America conference February 3-4 in Houston, Texas.

The shale oil revolution in the USA has sparked an unprecedented expansion of high-value crude oil cargo being moved by water using barges and tankers. The growth of crude oil movement by water has outpaced shipping crude oil by rail, according to the conference organizers. Crude oil is moved through waterway networks including the Mississippi, Ohio, and Arkansas Rivers, the East, West, and Gulf Coasts, and Atlantic Canada.

Intertek provides bulk cargo quantity and quality inspection for water-borne crude oil, refined fuels, and other petroleum products. Crude oil cargo inspections help clients protect their financial interests during bulk cargo custody transfer, storage, transport and other business activities.

Intertek petroleum related cargo and inventory inspection services are available 24/7/365 across the world, including major world ports and petroleum refining and petrochemical producing regions. Crude oil services include quality control, quantity control, regulatory compliance, database management, and other expertise. Intertek’s crude oil service network extends from oil fields to pipelines, crude-by-rail, refiners, terminals, fuel retailers, and marine bulk cargo transportation.

Crude oil services are tailored to meet the needs of oil industry clients, providing field sampling, testing, metering, and bulk cargo inspection services for refineries, oil-fields, storage tanks, railcars, barges, pipelines, and ocean going tankers, all conducted to accepted industry and safety standards.

Intertek Crude-by-Water supply-chain services include:

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