27 Jan 2015

(Houston, Texas) Intertek, the leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, will showcase their global crude oil field, testing, and cargo inspection technical services during the Argus Americas Crude Summit on January 27-29 in Houston, Texas.

The significant downturn in crude oil prices highlights the need for crude oil supply-chain participants to control losses and maximize profits in a tough economic environment. Intertek personnel and laboratories are well positioned to help clients better manage their crude oil production, refining, and transportation operations, from the well-head to the refinery.

Intertek crude oil services include quality control, quantity control, regulatory compliance, database management, and other expertise. Intertek’s crude oil service network extends from oil fields to pipelines, crude-by-rail, refiners, terminals, fuel retailers, and marine cargo transportation.

Intertek’s scope of expertise to the global crude oil industry includes petroleum, natural gas, and natural gas liquids testing, inspection, certification, metering, calibration, cargo additives treatment, NDT, corrosion control, and other technical services. Intertek personnel support client exploration & production, product transportation, loss control, and quality control activities.

Crude oil services are tailored to meet the needs of oil industry clients, providing field sampling, testing, and inspection services for refineries, oil-fields, storage tanks, railcars, barges, pipelines, and ocean going tankers, all conducted to accepted industry and safety standards. Intertek measurement specialists offer professional calibration and gauging of meters, storage tanks, and railcars.

Intertek crude oil services:

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