Wellbeing in the Built Environment: Moving from Sustainability to Wellness… Human Experience with the Built Environment

In the property and construction industry, the main focus of sustainability has been and still is to a greater extent, on environmental impacts such as Global Warming and resource depletion. These are undeniably crucial but in our enthusiasm to tackle one problem we have ignored another -the impacts of buildings on people, especially the impacts from interior spaces that is where we spend most of our time.  We know that sustainable buildings should to support and help people live better, healthier and more productive lives and key performance indicators are emerging to include concepts of wellness in building design and operation. The two biggest expenditures for any organisation are places and people, with people accounting for 90% of the lifetime costs of a building occupation.  People spend over 80% of their lives in interior spaces, which is why we initially put a greater focus on these specific areas.  Existing research shows us that sustainable interiors can have dramatic influences on productivity, health, overall wellbeing – and thus the financial bottom line.  Intertek will explore concepts of wellness in the built environment and mechanisms to measure and benchmark performance, download this complimentary webinar and don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the experts.