Webinar Downloads | Recent KKDIK Updates and Registration Process

Turkey’s long-awaited REACH-like Regulation (KKDIK) was published in the country’s Official Gazette on 23 June 2017 by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU).

For substance(s) that meet the registration criteria and must be notified by domestic producers and importers:

  • companies should take action without delay and follow the Sief/MBDF process;
  • If there is a nominated lead registrant, they should expect them to share data transparently and sensitively; and
  • non-Turkish manufacturers or formulators should make the chemical compatibility process sustainable in the market through their ORs.

This on-demand webinar will present the updates on KKDIK and the KKS tool and how companies are acting in order to complete the registration before the deadline of 31 December 2023.

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