Responsible and Ethical Sourcing in Construction: Where Risk to Reputation and Traceability Meets Innovation and Collaboration (steel sector)

In the building and construction industry, companies are under constant pressure to ensure their products and promotions are delivered not only on time, to budget, and with great return – but also to global ethical commitments with a considerable spotlight on integrity and standards. Certain product categories have achievable accreditation levels associated with them.  It is important to understand how to identify these suppliers and what a valid accreditation or certification represents.  The golden rule of supply chain ethics is ultimately ‘know your suppliers’. When it comes to improvements, often the greatest impact can be attained through the collaboration and management of natural resources within the supply chain. The reinforced steel sector, primarily in Europe, has had several schemes and standards available to them to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Sustainable construction topics impact all manufacturers, distributors and procurers, whether their products are fully recycled (reinforced steel) or made entirely from virgin material with life cycle impact on the environment. Reinforced steel is one of the first sectors to invest in responsible sourcing credentials based on a robust standard and 3rd party certification. What are the aspects they concentrate on based on materiality, who are current holders of Eco Reinforcement certification, and what benefits this accreditation brings to customers, or how Intertek can help you prove your sustainable building approach – download to learn more.