Webinar: Microfibers & the Apparel Industry

Reducing microfiber pollution is a top priority for the apparel industry as it’s been found that millions of microfibers are released into rivers, lakes and oceans every time synthetic clothing is washed*, contributing to marine plastic pollution. As a result, a number of states have introduced or passed legislation with goal of increasing consumer awareness of the environmental impact of clothing, as well encouraging apparel manufacturers to find ways to reduce the amount of microfibers released into the environment.

To learn how this legislation will affect you, as well as some best practices you can incorporate, download our webinar – Microfibers & the Apparel Industry.

This webinar discusses how microfibers are defined, microfibers legislation, industry efforts around reducing microfibers, draft standards and steps your company can take to reduce microfibers in your apparel products.

*According to the Plastic Pollution Coalition

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