Webinar: ISO 22301 - Proactively assessing your business risks and resilience for when the worst happens

ISO 22301 is the Business Continuity Management standard that deals with the big ‘What if…?’ scenarios:

  • What if your computers are down?
  • What if you can’t access your building?
  • What if your team gets sick?
  • What if there’s a fire or natural disaster?
  • What if you can’t get stock or raw materials delivered?

A crisis will never warn you that it’s coming.  Instead, it’s the responsibility of each organisation to put in place an effective plan to manage any threats to the business.

Adopting a Business Continuity Management system prepares organisations to develop resilience, assuring customers and stakeholders of a continuous operation, even if incidents occur. ISO 22301 is applicable to organisations of all sizes in all industries, and this webinar will provide an overview of risk assessment, as well as strategies for implementing a business continuity management system that meets the requirements of ISO 22301.

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