Webinar: Implementation of Automated Vehicle Testing Best Practices

Testing new technologies for Automated and Autonomous Vehicles can be a challenge as there are few – if any – existing standards to adhere to. However, the American Center for Mobility (ACM) proving grounds created a Standards Committee to help accelerate development of standards and suggested regulations to ensure alignment with industry.

In this on-demand webinar, “Implementation of Automated Vehicle Testing Best Practices”, experts from ACM and Intertek cover some of the lessons learned from assisting with the testing programs of top OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers developing AV technology.

Among the topics covered include:

  • Integration of an SMS Framework for Safety
  • Defining and Controlling Test Variables
  • Why Advancing Test Driver / Operator Skills is Essential
  • How Various Targets (such as Guided Soft Targets, Pedestrian Targets and Programmed Vehicles) can be Used to Perform Relevant Testing Scenarios
  • Why Testing Trials Must be Repeated to Capture an Adequate Sample Size
  • And More…

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