Webinar: Intertek Solutions for Certifying to UL/ANSI 110

The UL/ANSI 110 standard addresses multiple aspects of a phone’s lifecycle. The Green Electronics Council (GEC), managers of the EPEAT® greener electronics registry, has adopted the UL/ANSI 110 standard to enable government and institutional purchasers and specifiers to identify greener, more sustainable cell phones.

The environmental criteria underlying the EPEAT system address the full product lifecycle, from design and production to energy use and recycling. EPEAT product assessment is based on ANSI-approved public standards developed through stakeholder consensus processes. Manufacturers’ claims of compliance are subject to ongoing verification by qualified certification bodies. Products found non-conformant are removed from the EPEAT registry to ensure Purchasers worldwide can use the system with confidence.

The criteria in these requirements were developed based on the life cycle stages of mobile phones and similar electronics. Sustainability factors considered in these requirements are: materials, packaging, manufacturing and operations, energy efficiency of the external power supply, health and environment, and end of life management.

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