The Impact of the EU NIAS Regulations on the US FDA Final Articles Indirect Food Additives Compliance

Non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) represent a major issue for the food packaging industry. NIAS are chemical compounds that are present in a plastic food contact material (FCM) but have not been added for a technical purpose during production. They include break-down products of food contact materials, impurities of starting materials, unwanted side-products and various contaminants from recycling processes. Potential health risks associated with NIAS should be assessed as a requirement of the European Food Contact Regulation 10/2011 however this can be a challenging process.

This on-demand webinar covers the key elements of the regulations and also addresses major challenges such as identification and quantification of NIAS, applying the correct procedures to identify unknown substances and what steps should be covered in a toxicology risk assessment in order to assess potential health risk associated with the final material or article in accordance with internationally recognized scientific principles.