Global product and packaging EPR programs: How to achieve efficient reporting and corporate sustainability success

If you are a brand owner, retailer and/or manufacturer of packaging and products, you are impacted by Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fees and/or taxes. EPR strategies to address the integration of environmental costs associated with goods throughout their life cycles are being developed in a number of countries and are having a direct impact on the cost of goods (COGs). Intertek Health, Environment & Regulatory Services (HERS) are pleased to present redipoint®, a software solution that helps companies efficiently manage global packaging and products fees and levies and corporate sustainability reporting. redipoint® ensures compliance in more than 50 jurisdictions around the world. Are you interested in learning how to reduce administrative burdens and EPR levies, as well as mitigate compliance risks? If so, we invite you to attend our complimentary webinar.

During this webinar HERS will address the challenges Intertek's customers face in meeting EPR requirements. Experts will guide you through the myriad of corporate EPR reporting requirements that exist today, and introduce you to our redipoint® software solution.

Date: Thursday, Sept 7, 2017 10am EDT, 3pm BST, 4pm CEST