The Ins & Outs of Door Hardware

From hinges and exit devices to locks and latches, testing and certification is crucial to getting your door hardware to market.  Your customers have the expectation that the fasteners they select will assist in providing protection and security to the end user.  Through natural disasters, fires, and human threats, you can ensure your products will withstand the elements and continue to function as intended.

In this free on-demand webinar we discuss aspects of hardware testing including the BHMA program, windstorm & hurricane requirements, and more!

You will learn…

  • details of the BHMA program and  how to leverage Intertek to meet BHMA program requirements.
  • testing criteria for meeting windstorm and hurricane standards.
  • the role of hardware in fire door testing and the differences between US and Canadian fire standards.
  • additional testing requirements and performance criteria for hardware components, including threat resistance (forced entry, blast & ballistic resistance) and electrified hardware.

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