Certification: The Process & Benefits

In many circumstances, certification of your building product is required by building code, local jurisdiction, or industry requirements. Knowing when it’s required, how to prepare, and what to do once your product has been certified are critical components of gaining AHJ and customer acceptance.

In all circumstances, product certification provides benefits to help ensure you are always in compliance. From the ease of maintaining your listing in the event of product modifications to differentiating your product from your competitors’, a certification program can simplify the process and help you gain the market access you desire.

We discuss the certification process and how it can benefit you in this free on-demand webinar. 

You will learn…

  • the importance of certification.
  • differences between test reporting and certification.
  • benefits you gain through participation in a certification program.
  • necessary steps to obtain product certification.
  • how to leverage certification.

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