Automotive Telematics – Keeping Up with Wireless Regulatory Requirements

On-Demand Webinar

Speakers: Ralph Buckingham, Mike Koffink, Rob Payne

A look at the history of wireless testing requirements such as; Cellular, FCC, RED, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The presenters discuss how to handle compliance to these requirements when developing new automotive components such as the “Head Unit” of the vehicle. They outline challenges faced by traditional OEM suppliers that must now achieve wireless device compliance for their products, and share best practices from the wireless industry to streamline testing and certification efforts.

Among the topics discussed, include:

  • Cellular Operator, PTCRB, and GCF Requirements
  • Market Access for devices that transmit; FCC Testing, RED Directive
  • The evolution of DSRC and the development testing / certification processes
  • Using approved modules; what wireless testing still needs to be done on the system?

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