Is Your Product Tough Enough for Automotive?

Speakers: Rich Byczek, Alex Porter

A brief examination of the history of design validation testing in the automotive industry and how it has contributed to the development of some of the most reliable components on the market. The presenters discuss challenges faced by new companies attempting to develop components that are sufficiently robust to withstand the harsh automotive environment. They also propose an efficient solution to increase design maturity, and lower risk, using Accelerated Stress Testing before attempting to test to the requirements specified by OEM clients.

Among the topics discussed, include:

  • Common reliability challenges new suppliers face
  • The history of Automotive Design Validation testing requirements
  • Using Accelerated Stress Testing to improve reliability / reduce risk
  • Reducing costly retesting by improving design maturity with Accelerated Stress Testing
  • Failure analysis for improving components, materials, and design characteristic

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