Join our cyber security experts for our on-demand webinar detailing the HVAC/R product threat landscape and mitigation measures in today's Connected World.

More products than ever in today's Connected World are being controlled and managed through internet connection such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Learn about the risks and security standards in today's marketplace to ensure consumer safety, reduce product vulnerabilities and build brand credibility.

Intertek provides tailor-made security solutions designed and executed based upon risk factors commonly associated with your specific product and industry.

This on-demand webinar discusses:

  1. Then Threat Landscape – The types of things that are happening to other people's systems
  2. Threat Mitigation Measures - Steps you can take today to mitigate threat
  3. Our place in the connected world – Leveraging Internet’s expertise
  4. Security Standards / Approaches – Best practices and common standards you should follow in cyber security

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