Cloud computing is essential to the next generation of IT services. Though the enablement of key technological advancements in the information technology space has allowed organizations to innovate, there are significant risks and security implications associated with Cloud technology that must be considered.

In order to innovate, organizations such as governments and enterprises need to leverage the technology available to them, such as Cloud Federation, IoT, and Blockchain, but those organizations must also recognize the need to secure their applications and customer data.

In this webinar, Cybersecurity and Cloud innovation expert Steven Woodward will share several updates from various communities and standards bodies where he is a major contributor in helping secure the next generation of IT services.

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About the Speaker

Steven Woodward

Steven Woodward is CEO of Cloud Perspectives, a leader in cloud education, security, and services. Steven is also Director of the Cloud Security Alliance’s Canadian chapter and is working with the Canadian Federal Government on implementation and improvement to their cloud computing management and security strategy.