Reducing Your Risks

Today’s automobiles are more than just individual parts, they are a complete ecosystem with thousands of components working in tandem. These are controlled by up to 25-50 different computer CPUs, along with dozens of sensors, cameras and other technologies.

Every engineered system has risks: risks to people, risks to the environment, and risks to equipment and facilities. Functional safety is the planned reduction of those risks through automated safety systems. Add in concerns about technology being “hacked” by outside agents and it’s enough to keep an engineer awake at night!

View our complimentary on-demand webinar where Intertek experts answers a variety of Frequently Asked Questions around Automotive Functional Safety and Cyber Security.

Among the topics covered during this presentation include:

  • Why is Functional Safety important?
  • Is a certification required for ISO 26262?
  • How do I understand if Functional Safety applies to my equipment?
  • Why is cyber security important?
  • Is a certification required for ISO/SAE 21434?
  • And more…

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