With rapid adoption of new automotive technologies (including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Autonomous Driving, Electrification, Batteries and more), these new technologies, subsystems, components and raw materials must be thoroughly vetted and validated.

Developing a robust DVP&R (Design Verification Plan & Report) is critical in demonstrating the safety, reliability, and durability of these products before releasing them into mass production and consumer usage.

In this presentation, Intertek experts tackle several major issues spanning the full DVP&R process, from initial planning through final reporting and follow-up, to help you optimize your validation test plan.

Topics focus on the importance and avoiding common pitfalls:

  • Selecting the proper monitoring or acceptance criteria
  • Preparing fixturing and simulation equipment
  • Post-test functional checks for complex vision systems
  • Adapting existing tests and standards to new technologies
  • Test Scheduling
  • Sample Quantities and Preparation
  • Sample/Test Failures and retesting
  • Status Updates and Data Acquisition/Reporting

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