For those of you who missed the chance at Vitafoods, Intertek HERS is pleased to be able to present our Senior Director Nigel Baldwin’s presentation on the safety assessment of additives and ingredients for infants and young children in the EU. This presentation covers 5 key areas…

  • Firstly we look at the mandate given by the European Commission to EFSA in relation to the evaluation of food additives, contact materials, pesticides and contaminants added/present in foods for these age groups
  • Secondly we look at the first stage of the EFSA process – draft guidelines for infants less than 16 weeks of age
  • Thirdly to briefly explain how this may effect nutritional/physiological ingredients being developed and requiring novel food approval;
  • Fourthly we talk about the other considerations in relation to the risk assessment of ingredients for older infants and young children, mainly related to exposure assessment
  • And finally we summarise what this may mean for the industry as EFSA moves through its re-evaluation program for food additives and the actions you need to consider

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