An Intertek webinar championing the role of craftsmanship in luxury design

Artisanship has long been a hallmark of luxury, from embroidery and ceramics to haute couture fashion, and yet it is often not associated with luxury in the mind of the consumer. In this webinar our leading panel of experts will discuss the role that artisanship and innovation can play in taking luxury to a remarkable new level:

  • How do different designers interpret artisanship?
  • What inspires innovation?
  • What is the relationship between innovation and traditional artisanry?
  • What role can artisanry play in meeting the current challenges of the luxury industry such as sustainability, talent diversity, and the supply chain? 

With the participation of:

  • Michela Finaurini – Fabrics & Embroidery Research Expert
  • Maria Elena Viggiano – Contributor at il Corriere della Sera
  • Francesco Conticelli – Bottega Conticelli
  • Alessandro Ferracino – Intertek Regional Director, Italy & France Business Assurance 

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