As medical technology continues to advance at pace, new opportunities are available for manufacturers to support patients in a home healthcare environment. Combined with an ageing population, the need for adaptable and innovative products is growing. But developing these products is challenging and the Standards governing global compliance create many hurdles for manufacturers to overcome in their development journey.

Download our IEC 60601-1-11 paper and learn about the following:

  • Evolution of the medical industry: the landscape for home healthcare products
  • What is a “home use healthcare device”?
  • Challenges the home environment presents with regard to medical devices
  • Examples of home medical equipment
  • Supporting home healthcare devices through their product life cycle
  • Electrical safety testing & certification: medical devices used for home healthcare are designed to ensure safety
  • Post market surveillance for home healthcare devices
  • Electromagnetic disturbances, interference from wireless communication devices and wireless coexistence
  • Performance testing
  • Connectivity and cyber security