Vegan Food Programme

The Vegan Food Mark is designed to signal consumers of the suitability of food products for vegan and plant-based consumers.

Consumers’ diets have increasingly changed as vegan and vegetarian lifestyles have gained significant popularity. Beyond lifestyle changes, customers have continued to reduce their meat and animal product consumption citing concerns over health and sustainability including the effects of meat and other food production on the environment. With new vegan and vegetarian products entering the market every day and the ever-growing number of claims on those food products, statement substantiation through a third party is key to assuring that what the customer is buying is what the customer is getting.

Key Differentiators of our Vegan Certification Programme

Intertek’s vegan food certification mark represents a rigorous assessment that food producers can leverage on their products to assure their customers that the product they are buying follows stringent protocols to meet vegan consumers’ standards. The vegan mark goes beyond the traditional validation that many vegan label schemes tend to use. Instead, Intertek’s vegan mark utilises our ATIC approach to complete third-party verification through auditing, testing, inspection, and training.

Our vegan certification programme includes four key stages that offer continued assurance to consumers that high standards of care, quality, and validation are being met by the manufacturer.

Code of Conduct

A written commitment from the Food Business Operator to maintain the integrity of their vegan products

Production Review

A review of all suppliers, materials and processes used in production for vegan suitability


A site inspection to verify all controls employed on the production site

Ongoing Assessment

An ongoing review of products and processes including an annual re-inspection

Intertek’s Network Supporting Food Safety Solutions

Our global network of food testing laboratories, inspectors, and food safety subject matter experts help brands and members of global food supply chains get their products to market every day. Our experts are ready to help get your vegan food product to market efficiently and reliably with our industry leading food safety solutions.


Additional Vegan Product Solutions

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