Intertek to present on power plant flexibility and asset performance management at EPRI’s 5th Annual Generation Flexibility Conference

July 19, 2022

Santa Clara, California – Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance provider to industries worldwide, will present insight into power plant flexibility and asset performance management at the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) 5th Annual Generation Flexibility Conference July 25-29, 2022.

Improving conventional power plant flexibility is an important component for the electric grid transformation, enabling additional renewable generation to be accommodated on the grid without jeopardizing reliability.

Historically, several of these power plants were designed to operate as baseload units, with minimal change in their output. Evolving economics of deregulated electricity markets, fuel prices and deployment of renewables drove a change in the operating mode of these power plants. Power plants have had to adapt to these market conditions, with requirements for faster start times, operating at lower loads and sometimes going offline for several months or starting and stopping more often. Furthermore, a large sample of power plants are older, and in some cases have a short retirement horizon, which adds to the challenge for asset owners.

Increasing the flexibility of these power plants, not only adds to increased maintenance costs due to rapid wear & tear of equipment, but often results in reduced capacity factors and therefore lower revenue.

During the conference, Intertek Engineering and Consulting team experts will discuss the challenges as well as opportunities to improve asset integrity of these power plants.

  • Mr. Nikhil Kumar will present: Power Plant Flexibility Impacts – Cost and Reliability Impacts over the power plant life cycle.
  • Mr. Anjan Sinha will discuss: Combustion Optimization for Flexible Operations.
  • Mr. Marvin Cohn, P.E. will present: Case studies of damage in high energy piping systems as a function of flexible operation. 

Intertek Engineering and Asset Performance Management solutions assist companies around the world, helping them to navigate the energy transition, minimize risks, optimize operational efficiency and asset reliability, meet regulatory and certification requirements, and above all ensure safe working environments for personnel. Contact us to help you with your APM requirements. 

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