Our battery testing and advisory services cover a broad range of industry needs, ranging from paper study technical assessments to on-site product engineering and technical management, from helping OEMs select the best power source for their needs to investigating and evaluating the root cause of battery safety incidents

Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
Intertek has provided consulting to a consortium of Automotive OEMs, and has served as their independent test house for electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and auxiliary battery testing since the early 90’s. Examples of services provided include 1) Development of test protocols for battery evaluation and accelerated test methods and 2) Testing of NiCd, NiMH and Li-ion chemistries on cell, module and system level.

High Power Lithium Batteries
Intertek has assessed a number of high power lithium-ion battery technologies on behalf of an aerospace client, making site visits to a number of high power lithium battery system developers to discuss the technical status of their products. Both cells and complete systems, including thermal and electric management, were evaluated at Intertek’s test laboratory.

Modeling and Simulation of Lithium-Ion Batteries for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)
We were contracted by a vehicle manufacturer to model and simulate the behavior of lithium-ion batteries using finite element analysis, including discharge/charge characteristics and thermal phenomena occurring in a lithium-ion battery. Intertek has also been engaged in developing state-of-charge prediction algorithms for lithium-ion batteries for HEVs.

Battery Failure Analysis
Intertek has investigated and evaluated the root cause of accidents related to battery technology, in a wide variety of situations, including: 1) An insurance company asked Intertek to give an independent statement on probable cause of a NiMH battery fire in a hybrid electric city bus. Our findings were used in settling a cost dispute, 2) A UPS system supplier contracted Intertek to give an independent statement of safety risks related to a specific UPS battery installation methodology. Our report was a prerequisite for approval of the installation, and 3) A battery reseller asked Intertek to give an independent statement on the probable cause of a cellular phone battery explosion.

Factory Audits
During factory audits, Intertek brings years of battery manufacturing experience combined with electrochemical expertise and a regulatory perspective to perform on-site reviews of manufacturing practices. Our battery perspective significantly enriches the audit process, providing insight and uncovering opportunities our clients may have otherwise overlooked.

New Battery Systems for Military Applications
A military division wanted to find an environmentally friendly alternative to existing NiCd batteries. A new battery chemistry needed to be found that fulfilled all requirements for current applications and those expected in the near future, taking into account aspects such as performance, charging, storage, logistics, maintenance, manufacturers, and suppliers. The NiCd replacement program involved several types of battery cells and packaging with a large number of individual applications.

Roadmap of Power Sources for the 21st Century Battlefield
A military division contracted Intertek to monitor and analyze development trends, identify key players in several power source fields, and perform evaluation testing of promising new power sources. Portable fuel cells are continuously evaluated at Intertek laboratories.

Power Back-up for Radio Base Stations
A global supplier of telecommunication solutions wanted to expand their existing range of UPS products. Intertek helped the client to identify potential products and manufacturers, and selections were made based on cost, R&D support, availability and performance. The selected products were then tested by Intertek to verify service life at various service conditions.

Cellular Phone Battery Qualification
A cellular phone manufacturer needed to qualify and evaluate cell phone batteries from potential and current suppliers. The manufacturer used the independent test results to support their position when negotiating battery purchases.

Battery Powered Lawn Mowers
A home appliance manufacturer contracted Intertek to review power source options and requirements on chargers and control circuits for battery powered lawn mowers. Intertek reviewed a number of different battery technologies likely to become available for use in lawn mowers in the near to medium term. Energy and power requirements were considered, as well as weight and volume restrictions, specific energy and power values. The most interesting potential power sources for the application were compiled, along with their respective cost estimates and life expectancies in the application.

Testing of Consumer Batteries
A retailer wanted to launch a line of private label batteries and contacted Intertek for assistance with benchmarking their selected products against competitive brands. In order to meet consumer expectations, Intertek recommended testing their battery line according to the White Swan Criteria, which includes electrical performance requirements as well as maximum permitted levels of heavy metal content. In order to minimize the risk of negative publicity and consumer complaints due to safety failures of the battery, additional safety testing was also performed by Intertek.

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