The Sequence IIIH Test utilizes a 2014 Chrysler Penstar 3.6 Liter, water-cooled, 4 cycle, V-6 engine as the test apparatus. The Sequence IIIH test engine is an overhead valve design (OHV) and uses dual overhead camshafts operating both intake and exhaust valves. The engine uses two intake and two exhaust valve per cylinder. The test engine is overhauled prior to each test, during which critical engine dimensions are measured and rated or measured parts (pistons, rings, etc.) are replaced.

Test Operation

The Sequence IIIH Test is a fired-engine, dynamometer lubricant test for evaluating automotive engine oils for certain high-temperature performance characteristics, including oil thickening, varnish deposition, and oil consumption. Such oils include both single viscosity grade and multi-viscosity grade oils that are used in spark-ignition, gasoline-fueled engines, as well as diesel engines. The Sequence IIIH Test consists 90 hours of engine operation at moderately high speed, load, and temperature conditions. The 90-hour segment is broken down into four 20-hour test segments and one 10-hour segment. Following each 20-hour segment, the 10 hour segment, and the 10-minute operational check, oil samples are drawn from the engine. The kinematic viscosities of the 20-hour segment samples and 10 hour segment samples are compared to the viscosity of the initial sample to determine the viscosity increase of the test oil. The Sequence IIIHA Test evaluates low temperature performance and the Sequence IIIHB evaluates phosphorus retention.

Oil Specifications:

Sequence IIIH
ILSAC GF-5 Limits: PVIS = 150%, WPD = 3.7 (No Hot Stuck Rings)
ILSAC GF-6A/B Proposed Limits: PVIS = 100%, WPD = 5.0 (No Hot Stuck Rings)

Sequence IIIHA
ILSAC GF-6A/B Proposed Limits: TBD

Sequence IIIHB
ILSAC GF-6A/B Proposed Limits: TBD


Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Chrysler 2014 Pentastar V-6 engine with a displacement of 3.6 L, a compression ratio of 10:2:1

ParametersOperating ConditionsUnits
Test Duration90Hours
Oil Level Checks20Hours
Coolant Flow170L/min
Oil, Block151°C
Coolant Out115°C
Intake Air35°C
Fuel at Rail30°C
Dew Point16.1°C
Intake Air0.05kPaG
Right Exhaust4.5kPaG
Left Exhaust4.5kPaG
Fuel at Rail420kPaG
Coolant System200kPaG

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