Optimizing Your DVP&R for Autonomous Vehicle Systems

As autonomous vehicle technologies are rapidly being introduced into production line vehicles, many of these safety devices (including cameras, sensors, LIDAR and more) need to be thoroughly vetted prior to being made available to consumers. This presentation will introduce the validation planning process and highlight the importance of the DVP&R process.

In this presentation, Rich Byczek will tackle the major issues of the Design Verification (“DV”), the Plan (“P”), and, of course, the Report (“R”) phase to help you optimize your test plan.

Topics focus around the importance of planning and avoiding common pitfalls, such as:

  • Selecting the proper monitoring or acceptance criteria
  • Preparing fixturing and simulation equipment
  • Adapting existing tests and standards to new technologies
  • Test scheduling
  • Sample Quantities and Preparation
  • Sample/Test Failures and retesting
  • Status Updates and Data Acquisition/Reporting

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